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Taking a "Hands-On" Approach to Project Management

One of the most competitive elements of the UniLAV design team is that we afford our clients the level of participation that they desire. Sometimes that means creating detailed architectural renders for a preferred contractor. 

Other times that means coordinating the entire process, down to the furniture.

We Customize Our Services Based on What You Need

Regardless of how much or little you want to do, we help to:

  • establish project goals
  • create visual renders & blueprints
  • define realistic task durations
  • establish an appropriate budget
  • implement your vision for the future

We have the resources to oversee all elements of the design and construction process. Projects are implemented by our well-curated, trusted team of contractors & professionals at every stage of the design & build process.  

We Manage the Details of Your Project

Our team also enjoys organizing the complex work of preparing contracts, developing building plans, and submitting relevant applications.

As a relatively small, agile design firm our team is well suited to accommodate accelerated timelines & specific deadlines. If you seek help with any aspects of planning, consulting & implementation, with an eye for compliance, you can count on UniLAV’s history of on-time project delivery.