Our Methodology

The Unilav Design Team has developed a hybrid methodology that is predicated on transparency, accountability, and efficient project delivery. We combine the stability of the traditional design / bid / build process with the efficiency and speed of the design / build method to create the hybrid Unilav Design model.


Vision & Strategy

Many important decisions are made in the initial planning phase that help lay the foundation for the project and provide design direction options.

Unilav cuts through the fog to give you the certainty that your project meets all objectives. We ask a lot of questions which result in the development of multiple concept sketches and test fits.

When we wrap up Phase 1 we have a clear idea of the basic design and have helped develop a Target Construction Sum.

Phase 2

Design Development

During Phase 2, we advance the design using the collaboration and milestones established in Phase 1. Careful planning and staging of components and materials greatly enhances our ability to quickly complete projects.

Now, our in-house design team works side-by-side with our construction and procurement teams to identify and resolve construct-ability concerns.

Experience and live trade input is relied on to value engineer each component and to ensure alignment with the target construction sum.

Phase 3

Design Documentation

Construction documents are further developed in Phase 3 to include major building systems: structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems.

We invite relevant trade bids and level all submissions to ensure apples-to-apples, competitive pricing. We encourage our clients to participate at this phase to assist with selecting the talented professionals who will carry the construction process to fruition.

We appreciate the opportunity & trust that our clients afford us in recommending the very best contractors.

Phase 4



Finally, once the concept has been designed, proven & contractors have been selected -- we are ready to build!

Much of our work takes place in or near occupied spaces, so we take careful minimizing disruption to the workforce is paramount.

Every precaution is taken to reduce the noise, dust, and traffic associated with construction projects.